The Social Model of Disability ‘v’ The Medical Model

Lee Wilson Disability Access Consultants

I read an interesting article by Jarrod Marrinon on the Ramp Up website recently.  Jarrod discusses the ‘social model of disability’ and says that it is time to “leave the medical model of disability in the doctor’s room”. 

The timing of the article (17 June 2014) couldn’t have been any more coincidental as I was finalizing the draft of my book on evacuation considerations for people with disability and was tweaking up this section at the time.

I thought I’d share this extract of my book discussing the social model of disability prior to the official release in the next couple of days.

Evacuation of People with Disability and Emergent Limitations:

Considerations for Safer Buildings and Efficient Evacuations

Section 1.9 The Social Model of Disability

There has always been a tendency within society to ‘dis-enable’ people with disability.

Throughout history, people with disability have been ignored, hidden and cursed. When made…

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