My Article in Issue 61 of International Fire Protection Magazine: Planning for Evacuating People with Disability

Lee Wilson, Disability Access and Egress Consultant’s article in Issue 61 of International Fire Protection Magazine, published March 2015

Lee Wilson Disability Access Consultants

International Fire Protection March 2015 Lee Wilson Planning for Evacuating PWDLast year I was fortunate to have been asked to write an article for the Asia Pacific Fire Magazine, which I submitted for review late in the year. The article has now been published in the International Fire Protection Magazine.

You can now download a copy of the article by clicking the image above or this link

The following is an extract of the opening of the article:

A gap exists in many countries legislative framework relating to the evacuation of people with disability under disability discrimination, building and workplace safety laws. This gap exposes those members of the community with disability, particularly those with sensory or mobility disabilities to the risk of being delayed in their ability to evacuate a building or being entrapped within a building.

 In 1997 the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) acknowledged this gap and recognised the need to improve the provisions for…

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