Refuge Area Accessible Signs

The following examples of Refuge Area and Refuge Point accessible signage are suitable for use in a fire protected compartment used as a refuge area and approved under a building / fire engineered solution.

The accessible refuge area signs adopt the Accessible Means of Egress Icon as part of an overall accessible exit signage strategy.

Any Refuge Area must be sufficiently sized within a fire compartment or fire escape stairs for a person to wait until they are assisted with their evacuation using an evacuation chair. You can read more about this idea in the evacuation guide by Lee Wilson.

Please note that these images are only low resolution thumbnail compressed .jpg files. Companies entering into a commercial license for use of these images will be provided the Combined Accessible Means of Egress Icon and Running Man exit sign images in various file formats at high resolution (i.e. AI, EPS, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG, PSD, SVG, TIFF file formats). Inquire about licensing arrangements here.

Person using a Wheechair in Fire Refuge using Communications


Accessible Exit Sign Solutions. The use of the ‘Accessible Means of Egress Icon’ within signage strategies provides a clear, pictorial message for occupants, to identify those exits that are accessible, and those which are not accessible.

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