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Egress Group Releases New Emergency Escape Mask Smoke Hood Icon

The Smoke Hood Icon is the Latest Pictogram for Evacuation and Emergency Planning

Emergency Escape Mask Smoke Hood Icon

Please read the Media Release announcing the launch of the new range of smoke hood designs. 

The design has been created to fill a gap internationally and to ensure a consistent approach can be adopted to identify these important safety devices.

During a building fire it is common for smoke to leak throughout the building (generally upwards) which may cause some parts of the building to fill with smoke, even though the fire is on another level.

We believe that everyone deserves a safe means of egress from a building during an emergency, including those that may face some extra challenges negotiating an egress route. Unfortunately, unless the building has an evacuation lift/elevator or smoke protected safe refuges this might mean that people who are unable to evacuate via a stairs might experience toxic smoke whilst they await assistance.

When discussing sprinkler protected and non-smoke protected refuge floors, the NFPA in the U.S has stated

“Yes, the area might become smoky or misty and be scary to a person who remains behind when most others have evacuated, but it is not dangerous”.

One could ask if it is acceptable to leave people at risk of breathing in toxic smoke, particularly for those that have respiratory conditions or are unable to get down below the smoke layer as the area becomes untenable.

Emergency Escape Mask Smoke Hood Icons 18 Different Colours

The Accessible Means of Egress Icon and Smoke Hood Icon are subject to Copyright© Egress Group Pty Ltd 2014-2015


Evacuation Guidebook Sponsorship Opportunities

Disability Access Consultants

The Evacuation Guidebook

Over the past two years I’ve been researching the area of evacuation considerations for people with disability.

Evacuation Guidebook cover, Evacuation of People with Disability and Emergent Limitations, by Lee WilsonFollowing the initial review I released a Guidebook titled “Evacuation of People with Disability & Emergent Limitations: Considerations for Safer Buildings & Efficient Evacuations”.

Since the 1st edition release in July 2014 the Guide has been downloaded as a PDF document over 900 times and shared in countless workplaces around the world.

The Guide has also been featured in the International Fire Protection Magazine, both in the May 2015 printed magazine and on-line. The online article continues to link to the download page.

This Guide is now currently being updated and is due for re-release on 19 October 2015. This date will be a few days after the Association of Consultants in Access Australia Conference (7-9 October 2015). I am also presenting the Universal Design meets the Exit Sign White Paperat the…

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My Article in Issue 61 of International Fire Protection Magazine: Planning for Evacuating People with Disability

Lee Wilson, Disability Access and Egress Consultant’s article in Issue 61 of International Fire Protection Magazine, published March 2015

Disability Access Consultants

International Fire Protection March 2015 Lee Wilson Planning for Evacuating PWDLast year I was fortunate to have been asked to write an article for the Asia Pacific Fire Magazine, which I submitted for review late in the year. The article has now been published in the International Fire Protection Magazine.

You can now download a copy of the article by clicking the image above or this link

The following is an extract of the opening of the article:

A gap exists in many countries legislative framework relating to the evacuation of people with disability under disability discrimination, building and workplace safety laws. This gap exposes those members of the community with disability, particularly those with sensory or mobility disabilities to the risk of being delayed in their ability to evacuate a building or being entrapped within a building.

 In 1997 the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) acknowledged this gap and recognised the need to improve the provisions for…

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Accessible Exit Sign Project’s New Twitter and Google+ Accounts

Accessible Exit Sign Project

Hi everyone, just a quick post to let you know we finally setup a dedicated Twitter account and Google+ page for the Accessible Exit Sign Project. Please come follow the project there




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Accessible Exit Sign Project Fundraising Merchandise

Accessible Exit Sign Project

Hi, we are excited to announce that there is a complete new range of t-shirts and hoodies available from

Accessible Exit Sign Project fundraiser shirts (40)

These have been made available to try to generate some funding for the project and help pay overheads (web hosting, domain name registrations, marketing, etc.).

If you feel like you’ll enjoy one of these shirts, please consider making a purchase. Thank you  (they’re available for a limited time ranging from 11 days to 26 days depending on design).

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GBC Safety Glow announced as supplier of Photo-Luminescent Accessible Exit Signs

Accessible Exit Sign Project

Media Release: New Partner – GBC Safety Glow

Our New Licensed Partner

GBC Safety Glow LogoWe would like to announce that GBC Safety Glow in the United States is now a licensed partner of the Accessible Exit Sign Project.

To get a PDF copy of this Media Release, dated 12 January 2015 click the link below;

Media Release 2 February 2015 Licensed Partner – GBC Safety Glow

The contact details for GBC Safety Glow are provided below:

GBC Safety Glow is a manufacturer of Photo-Luminescent products on a global scale. Manufactured in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, U.S with local people and state of the art technology. The company has built a reputation on providing quality products through quality people. The GBC Safety Glow team will assess your facilities needs with an onsite walk through anywhere in the U.S and abroad.  They will work directly…

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Braille Sign Supplies announced as an Australian Supplier of Accessible Exit Signs

Accessible Exit Sign Project

Media Release: New Partner – Braille Sign Supplies

Our New Licensed Partner

We would like to announce that Braille Sign Supplies in Australia is now a licensed partner of the Accessible Exit Sign Project.

To get a PDF copy of this Media Release, dated 12 January 2015 click the link below

Media Release 12 January 2015 Licensed Partner – Braille Sign Supplies

The contact details for Braille Sign Supplies are provided below:

Braille Sign Supplies LogoBraille Sign Supplies stocks a large range of fully compliant Braille Signs and also proudly manufactures custom Braille / Tactile signs to assist people who are vision impaired.

Using quality materials and superior craftsmanship, they offer fast delivery Australia-wide with a large range of Stock Braille Signs to choose from in their online store. They also offer their clients the opportunity to stand out…

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